Cameos Nightclub Review

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Cameos is a kool, hardcore club to go to. Open till 4am the party does truly keep going all night long! The night doesn’t really kick off till around 11.30 and that’s when it starts to get really busy in here. Quite a younger crowd (all over 18) and once they get into it they really do get into it. Expect to see a lot of winding and grinding all night long! The venue is a decent size so you have space to move and dance and chill. Drinks here are also very cheap and cheerful.

The staff at Cameos are all very relaxed and unlike other venues the bouncers don’t have chips on there shoulders. It is definitely a real clubbers club, so be prepared with your best moves. They play a lot of bashment and that’s definitely what the crowd seems to go there for as you’ll see if you go. A wise thing would be to learn a few of the well known hip hop and bashment dances like soulja boy beforehand as everyone likes to do them every night. You will also sometimes find an MC there who really does liven up the crowd and will have you doing everything from soulja boy to the electric slide!Cameos truly play some great music every night.

The music is mainly RnB, Hip Hop, Bashment & Reggae.


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Address: 50 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SF
Opening Times: Coming Soon
Closest Station: Oxford Circus

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