Oxygen Nightclub Review

londonadmin April 9, 2012 0


Oxygen is very centrally located being right in Leicester Square. The venue has 3 floors but beware all three aren’t always open even though the keen promoters may say they are. On each floor you get a different bar and there’s a selection of very cheap and cheerful drinks however the menu could be a little longer. This venue is also a little on the small side with not enough space to dance in when it gets really busy. Entry is cheap and it’s open till 3am however the male to female ratio is a little too much to the male side.

Once away from the crowded dance floor you’ll find some great people all out for a good night and the atmosphere seems to be relaxed especially on the ground floor.

Bouncers can be friendly most of the time so just be polite and give no attitude and all should go well.

The DJ plays mainly RnB with some club classics but may sometimes throw in a little Funky House to brighten it up a little.


Coming Soon!


Address: 17-18 Irving Street, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7A
Opening Times: Coming Soon
Closest Station: Leicester Square / Piccadilly Circus

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