Punk Nightclub Review

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Punk is definitely the place to be if you want to step out from the crowd and go utterly crazy for one night! This Soho venue is completely different to your usual nightclub and from the moment you step in the door you will feel and see the difference! Once in you’re greeted by a large guy dressed as a Panda who will guide you down to the club. Behind the doors….there lays the beauty of Punk. The interior is very funky and unusual with leather couches from the good old 60’s, velour booths and pink and orange ottomans!

At Punk you know your partying with the most fashionable and upbeat characters and literally anything goes. We’ve already said it’s not your average nightclub and here are more reasons why. In one room you’ll find spin the bottle set up so you can have fun with your mates or with complete strangers. Along side this there’s speed disco dating with loads of printed questions to ask complete strangers so you’re bound to make a few new friends whilst here. Make sure you really are ahead of your fashion before coming here. But if you find yourself in this club looking a little under dressed then that’s okay because here they have a cloakroom full of outrageous outfits so you should fit in just fine!


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Address: 14 Soho Street, Soho, London, W1D 3DN
Opening Times: Coming Soon
Closest Station: Tottenham Court Road

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