The Lightbox Nightclub Review

londonadmin April 7, 2012 0


The Lightbox is a very different venue that really has to be visited to be appreciated. It has a fantastic sound system & the most amazing lights you will ever see in any nightclub.

The main room was inspired by the groundbreaking Justin Timberlake video `Rock Your Body’ and is the only one of its kind in the world, with its 15,000 interlocked LED lighting system, that can be programmed in thousands of different variations, including, movies, images, names and logos, making the Lightbox a complete one off. A full colour laser, integrated smoke and amazing lighting effects complement this unique club. The Lightbox has a large bar and upstairs bar area that is perfect as a VIP room or simply to relax and talk to friends. It has a fantastic outside smoking area which is heated & comfortable for all the smokers out there.

At the Lightbox the main Genre of music is House including tech, minimal, Electro & Funky.



Address: 6a South Lambeth Place, London, SW8 1SP
Opening Times: Coming Soon
Closest Station: Vauxhall

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